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Painted parking lot striping, a service of Universal Facility Services

Parking Lot Striping

We use only the highest-quality, professional traffic paint and parking lot striping equipment to ensure all lines and icons have maximum visibility and durability. We will work with you to help plan an effective parking lot layout including striping for stalls, directional arrows, fire lanes, and Accessible Parking for ADA Compliance. We provide striping for new layouts, restriping, and resurfaced lot striping.

Power Sweeping & Scrubbing

As a fully-insured facility maintenance company with trained operators, we can safely improve the look of your property with our power sweeping and scrubbing services. These services are ideal for organizations needing to keep parking areas and sidewalks clear of dirt, trash, and debris. A regularly maintained parking lot can improve the value of your property, attract more customers, and increase the life of your parking lot lines and pavement.

Power sweeper cleans pedestrian walkways and parking lots - a service provided by Universal Facility Services
Pressure washing to clean sidewalks in front of businesses - a service of Universal Facility Services

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing (also known as “power washing”), when done correctly, can give your organization a major visual upgrade. We provide commercial pressure washing equipment and trained maintenance experts to help you clean everything from building exteriors, to sidewalks, parking lots, signage and more.

Painting & Graffiti Removal

If you’re dealing with a nuisance like graffiti, pressure washing may not always be the best solution – especially if your building has stone, stucco or brick exterior. We use eco-friendly cleaners and color-matched paint to leave your property looking as close or better than it did prior to the vandalism.

Universal Facility Services can remove the toughest graffiti paint from a business' building
cement, asphalt, pavement repair services by Universal Facility Serivces

Paving & Pothole Repair

Potholes and cracking pavement can not only be an eyesore, but a dangerous hazard for people and vehicles. In many cities like New Orleans, LA, shifting weather, temperatures and sinking soil are constant challenges that contribute to parking lot and pavement problems. We provide local expertise and ongoing maintenance plans that work to proactively prevent and address recurring pavement cracking and potholes.

Parking Equipment Maintenance

If you’re responsible for maintaining a parking garage or gated parking lot / area, you are dependent on your parking equipment working. An operating failure in a gate or ticketing system can mean a loss of important revenue from your parking customers, a safety hazard, and a costly expense for fixing. With our preventative parking equipment maintenance plans, we perform inspections and build an upgrade plan to keep your parking equipment running efficiently.

parking equipment / parking facility maintenance
Janitorial sweeping and cleaning by Universal Facility Services

Janitorial (Scoop & Broom)

First impressions are extremely important. If your parking lot or outside spaces are covered in litter, you’re not only at risk of losing important customers and visitors, you could potentially be developing environmental and trip and fall hazards. We provide hard-working maintenance professionals that keep your outside spaces free of trash and debris.